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Apps Like Showbox Top 10 Alternatives 2018

apps like showbox

Apps Like Showbox are one of the top searched apps on the Internet nowadays and we all know why. Showbox itself is one the best free Movie Streaming Sites but due to some issues and bugs, people are madly searching for top Showbox alternatives.

Trying hard to satiate the movie buff inside you?

Well since you already are a movie freak and enjoy uninterrupted movie streaming on your phones, tablets etc, you must have already heard of Showbox and its nearly faultless service.

Showbox provides a large collection of movies and tv shows that you can binge watch on without any bug interrupting it. From movies that are unavailable in any other sites to the most up to date TV shows, Showbox brings it all to you.

But we are a population where we devour options everywhere. So here we giving you some alternatives to Showbox which will you when the big guy isn’t available. With these apps like Showbox, you can watch Showbox movies online.

You can find lots of movie apps for android like Showbox on the Internet but only a few of the apps similar to Showbox which works like Showbox.

Before making this list I have searched for movie apps for iPhone like Showbox or free movie apps for android like Showbox, I tried them and found these 10 best apps similar to Showbox which you can try for sure.

Movie Apps Like Showbox for iPhone & for Android

MegaBox HD

This app is almost the sister app of Showbox. With features almost similar to Showbox this app also gives you separated contents of movies and TV shows. This is really helpful when you love a particular genre. So it is one of the most apps similar to Showbox.

The only shortcoming of this app is that it hits you with loads of adds. This can be a bit annoying to people who don’t like to wait too much. Other than that you can switch from Showbox to MegaBox HD if you want a change of window. This works perfectly fine.

Movie Box

Another app just like Showbox, Movie Box is an app that streams movies as efficiently as Showbox does. Features like separated contents of TV shows and Movies, Movie Box also provides it with all. So this doesn’t let you miss Showbox if you have ever used it. It is like one of the best Showbox alternative 2018 which you can go with.

But if English isn’t your strength and you prefer movies in some other language, Movie Box provides streaming of movies only in Russian other than English. And that’s kind of a bummer, isn’t it?

But overall it is one of the great movie sites like Showbox and you will enjoy equally.


Hulu is also an app similar to Showbox that deserves a position in our grading as it helps you enjoy uninterrupted movies and shows without much buffering. It regularly updates itself which is the direct pathway to the latest movies and episodes of your favorite shows

But Hulu is a ‘web-based only’ app and this is very distasteful to many users

PlayBox HD

The app made for both Android and iOs. It is considered as the best other apps like Showbox that allows you to hog over movies for hours with great varieties in the genre and feasibility over the selection of content (360p to 720p).

This app is free of cost which makes it more desirable. The exact replica of Showbox the only difference in this app is that it has a blue theme.

It is one of the best movie apps for android like Showbox and apps like Showbox for iPhone as well.


This petite app is also one of the good alternatives to Showbox. But it isn’t exactly similar to it like the other mentioned apps. This app doesn’t bring you content from unknown streams, instead, it brings content from popular sites like Netflix, Amazon etc. Collecting them in a very neat interface this app reduces any sort of confusion. The space it occupies is also very less which stops you from haphazardly deleting other apps to make space for this one.

If all this seems too confusing to take it, use and know it on your own.

Pssst! It’s for free!

Hub streaming

Hub streaming is yet another daunting alternative to Showbox. This app presents to you a lot of movies to choose from. If that is not enough, you can even download the movies according to your convenience. But the only let down feature of this app is that it doesn’t work on the iOS platform.
On Android, the app works swiftly and even enables the user to share movie links easily. The app even allows you to switch between different video players for a better viewing. So this is another great option to go with if you are looking for movie apps like Showbox.


Crackle provides with a great range of movies and TV shows without much shortcomings. Crackle has around more than 20 million registered users. It is widely used on android platform and can be used on any smartphone and tablets. If the app is compatible with the smart TV then you can enjoy a hassle-free viewing of movies and TV shows of your choice.

The only negative point is the monthly updates, you might miss your favorite shows and movies since it takes around 30 days to update its contents. Crackle is one of my favorite Showbox alternatives.

The app also provides a wide range of subtitles to choose from.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn time leads the list as the topmost replacement for the Showbox app. This app, unlike others, works very well with android, ios and Linux operating systems. You can change the interface and the language easily according to your wish. The best part of the app is it doesn’t take hours to start, the app opens immediately. If you are an iPhone user then you should try this one of the most searched apps like Showbox for ios.

You can even choose subtitles to be displayed during the show and this app supports smart TV connection too.


Other than MovieBox and Showbox, Cinema Box is also considered as the best alternative. This app gives you hundreds of movies and shows along with your favorite cartoons that you love to watch secretly to keep the kid in you alive.

It also has a great feature that it supports Chromecast which even makes it easier to operate. There are lots of apps similar to Showbox but CinemaBox is still unique and stands ahead.

Sky HD

The app that is not for free! The app that streams videos in a quality that no other app provides in the list, Sky HD is an app that we couldn’t, not mention on our list of Showbox alternatives.

Every good thing comes with a price and people who like to spend a little for better quality, this app is just for them. Though some might be reluctant on spending for watching what others provide for free, it’s streaming really gives very tough competition to all the other mentioned movie apps like Showbox. It also provides a huge list of movie and shows to the public.

Some other Showbox alternatives to try-

S. No.Apps like ShowBox
2.HBO Now
3.Duckie TV
5.Terrarium TV
8.Bobby Movie Box
9.Flipps HD


So, these were some apps like Showbox we think are the best to use apart from our all-time favorite Showbox. Hope this is useful to you and it gives you the ulterior satisfaction of uninterrupted binge watching.

If you come across any more names as Showbox alternatives, you are most welcome to mention them in the comment section below.

And if you like this list of apps like Showbox for iPhone & Android then please do share it with your friends and family so that they can enjoy their favorite movies without any issues.

Make sure to have a pleasing experience and have the fun of your lifetime.

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