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Best Browsers For Android 2018 | Top 10 Web Browsers

best browsers for android

Best browsers for android this is what every Android phone users want the most! We can find lots of web browsers for Android but trust me most of them are nothing more than viruses, that’s people are searching for the best internet browser for android. So here I’m with a list of Best Android Web Browsers which you can use right now. I have added the best fastest browser for android, I’m really excited to start this list.

We utilize our telephones for far beyond basically perusing the web that you won’t even try investigating the plenty of web browsers accessible in the Google Play Store.

In the default browser apps for most Android phones, we get Google Chrome. On the off chance that you as often as possible utilize other Google services like YouTube and Google Drive it’s the characteristic pick. In any case, you do have different best browsers for android.

There are some really great internet browsers for android choices out there for Android clients to appreciate, regardless of whether you discover Chrome is deficient with regards to a few attributes you like or basically need to perceive what else is accessible. Here are the options for the best web browser for android!

Best Browsers For Android 2018 – Cool Browsersbest browsers for android

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a popular web browser for PC and Mac utilized by a huge number of individuals around the globe. The Android application conveys the greater part of the highlights that make the desktop form so well-known alongside an exceptionally well-known look and feel.

Mozilla is the best browser for android phone, you can move on it now for sure.

The landing page is advantageous and an awesome propelling point with tabs for your most visited by sites, bookmarks, and your current history, so you can invest less energy seeking and additional time making the most of your most loved destinations. The perusing interface design is very like Chrome, with the navbar situated at the highest point of the screen. It’s fast to manage and open tabs, incorporating Private Browsing tabs with tracking security that guarantees your browsing history is kept secure. So it named as the fastest browser for android too.

Download Firefox

Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung’s browser is so prominent to some extent since it’s the default browser on each Samsung telephone, yet additionally on the grounds that it’s super quick and simple to use with an advantageous navbar at the base.

We can say it is the best flash browser for Android. It likewise incorporates cool highlights, for example, a video associate that makes watching recordings fluid, an implicit tracking blocker to guarantee your browsing is sheltered and private, alongside similarity with third-party advertisement blockers.

Download Samsung Internet Browser


Opera, for a period, was the sweetheart elective web program for some, on account of its smooth design and convenience. If you are looking for the best android browser for downloading then I can surely recommend Opera to you. Fortunately, it’s still really extraordinary, with an attention on conveying the latest news feed with adjustable channels.

Opera is one of the best browsers for android you can use right now.

The interface is light and simple to utilize, for example, worked in advertisement blocking, and a low data usage mode for quicker browsing on slower bandwiths. You’re generally ready to zoom in on any page, and Opera will brilliantly fit the content to your screen with content wrap. It is really the best android browser for downloading large files. In the event that your primary concern is minimizing data usage, you might need to look at Opera Mini which is streamlined to give you a chance to accomplish more with less internet. It is also best flash enabled browser for android you can use now.

Download Opera Mini

CM Browser

This browser is the result of Cheetah Mobile who makes a top of the line antivirus application for Android. It is surely the best android browser for battery life!

What separates CM Browser? All things considered, it’s really quick and lightweight (like a cheetah!) and has plenty of good highlights like dynamic ad blocking, a strategically placed navbar, snappy access to night mode. Since it’s produced by an anti-virus organization, it will likewise caution you of all possibly false or malignant websites progressively.

You’ll likewise get download security for any APK documents you may download outside the Google Play Store. It is the best android browser Reddit users recommend.

Download CM browser

Microsoft Edge

It’s decent having the navigation tabs at the base, particularly utilizing taller screens, making it significantly less demanding to open new tabs and rapidly add articles to your browsing list. It is one of the best internet browsers for windows too. Be that as it may, the greatest advantage here comes in case you’re likewise utilizing Edge on your PC. It is the fastest browser for android free download it from Microsoft website. Tying down that navigation bar is that you can undoubtedly switch over between browsing on your telephone to your PC.

I can say it is the most secure Android browser we have nowadays.

Microsoft Edge for Android is still in development, however, it’s as yet worth looking at.

Download Microsoft Edge

Dolphin Browser – Internet Browser For Android

Dolphin has gotten a few prominent honors since its launch. It is produced by MoboTap and is a free browser accessible for Android and iOS. It is also one of the best browsers for android you can try. It is a good internet browser for android you can use.

This application has a great variety of highlights that incorporates synchronizing, HTML5 video player, Adblocker, tabbed browsing, browsing through gestures, flash player, incognito mode, and so forth. You can trust on this best browser for android phone for sure.

Dolphin browser likewise contains additional items, and highlights like dolphin sonar where clients can utilize their voice to browse, share and explore the internet. So I can say it is the best web browser for Android.

Download Dolphin browser

Brave Browser

Brave is a free new browser, an open-source web browser which turned out in 2016 and obliges a considerable measure of highlights. It is a safe Android browser which is known to stop site trackers, expel web ads and furthermore enhance online protection by imparting fewer data to advertising clients. It is planned with the thought process of giving quick and secure browsing abilities for clients and has HTTPS all around. Just like above mentioned best browsers for android Brave Browser is also a great option.

If you are looking for Best Android Web Browsers then you should try Brave Browser once. The application decreases battery usage and internet data utilization, stops outsider cookies and packs all other essential highlights, for example, bookmarks, history, private tabs, new tabs, and so on.

Download Brave Browser

UC Browser

UC Browser is a component rich versatile browser which is accessible on platforms including Android, Blackberry OS, iOS, Symbian, Windows telephone and Microsoft Windows. Like the Opera, smaller than usual browser it utilizes cloud acceleration and data compression.

As we all know UC Browser popularity because it is one of the best web browsers for Android.

In addition, it has HTML5 web application, cloud synchronizing highlights, mini-window mode, Ad Blockers, Facebook mode, night mode, and so forth. It gives a smooth client interface and is accessible for free in the Play Store. If you have not used this so far then should try this flash browser for android for sure.

Download UC Browser

Maxthon5 Browser

It is a great web browser for Android phone. It is likewise accessible for iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows telephone. The application is super exceptional with its highlights and fulfills the clients in whatever ways conceivable.

If you want to know what is the best browser for android then you should try this one at least once.

Maxthon5 has a worked in the note-taking device, password supervisor, email address storage, promotion blocker, shows the most recent news articles, adaptable speed dial, night mode, and so forth which makes it one of the best browsers for android choices. It is quick, secure and gives a smooth client interface.

Download Maxthon5

Flynx – Fastest Browser For Android

Flynx is a portable browser which comprehends the significance of multitasking. It enables you to open numerous articles and connections in the backend and switch between them rapidly. You can in a split second provide links to Facebook, Twitter, and so on., and furthermore, save articles to read later. Flynx consequently evacuates pointless promotions and spares you a great deal of mobile data usage. Flynx is one of the best web browsers for Android.

Download Flynx

Some Other Best Web Browsers For Android-

S. No.Other Best Browsers For Android
4.Next Browser
5.Chrome Beta
6.Lightning Browser
9.Naked Browser

Now, that we have approached the end of this list of best browsers for android, what are you waiting for?

If you know some more best internet browsers for Android then let me know in the comments below so that I can add them to this list of the fastest browsers for Android.

And also don’t forget to let me know which is your favorite best browser for Android?

Happy Browsing!

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