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Free Music Apps Without WiFi/Internet for iPhone and Android

free music apps without wifi

Free music apps without wifi are all we need to boost up our mood and it works anytime everytime. These apps are really awesome we can listen to free music without wifi anytime we want. If you are a much lover which I think you are, that’s why you are here today then make sure to try these no wifi music apps.

If you love movies too along with music then you will love these sites to download free movies for sure.

You think for a moment where you don’t need Music, we are always busy with our inward journey by listening to music. It removes dust from our everyday life. So, Staying plugged-in helps to gain traction from the outer world. There are many apps to listen to music without wifi that are available OFFLINE. The music apps come up with best engineered genetic makeup with a service combined algorithm-based personalization, which is what everyone wants.

No matter you are an iPhone user or Android user you can’t miss these free music apps for iPhone without wifi and free music apps without wifi for android too!

A bit of expert music suggestions from a variety of sources helps to enhance our tastes.

All of our favorite music is now updated in real seconds and allows differentiation from the performances with the help of feedbacks. No wifi music apps have their broad bases as their pioneering leadership and music identification and making their product more User-friendly.

I have searched and used a ton of apps that let you listen to music without wifi and then finally selected these good music apps without wifi you can use.

So here is a list of highly rated Music Apps available Offline without Wi-Fi.

Free Music Apps Without Wifi


This App has 150 million tracks, which is just out of bounds, it is just ever growing with beating its own records.

free music apps without wifi

Sound Cloud is one of the most the high free music apps without wifi on Google. It is years ahead of the other Music App, finely versed with the best essence in exploring its steep charts.
Tuning-in to this provides you with the top list and freshest experience.

‘SoundCloud Pulse’ is its newest proposal. It enhances to discover Music plus the personalized playlists and culture based audio content. SounD Cloud has other packs like ‘Hip Hop Supreme’ containing the latest Rap tracks and ‘In the Mix’ containing all the DJ mixes and tracks that are the most viewed and that is according to your selectivity. It is a great option to go with if you are searching for free music apps without wifi for android.

‘The Upload’ is the new fan favorite which consists of all the music that you prefer. There are Top-50 charts available from every platform. It also has several other features which help you filter your expansive tastes.

Get Soundcloud from here- for iPhone and for Android.

Soundcloud Free

Allowing access to 120 million tracks from emerging and established artists and have SoundCloud chart-based music selectivity. You can share and connect with friends and with your beloved artists too. Soundcloud free is one of my favorite free music apps without wifi which you can try to listen to music without internet.

Soundcloud Go

It’s also like other music apps that play without wifi but still I trust on this app more than the most of sites on this list of free music apps without wifi for iPhone. Allowing access to Over 120 million tracks from all the established artists. Totally free offline and with NO Ads, so it is uninterrupted. But for this, you have to pay  $4.99/month.

Soundcloud Go+

Upgrading to Go+ allows access to 150 million tracks from all the superstars. This allows free Offline music availed free. And previews are available for every song that you download. It is a music player without wifi that’s obvious but it is also a cache music app without wifi. It has other Playlists type too such as SoundCloud Next Wave, SoundCloud Playback and more to discover and embrace.

iHeart Radio

iHeart Radio is rated one of the best non wifi music apps on Google. One can listen to the top Radio Stations, music or comedy shows. It covers all genres of music starting from the top 100s to Rap, Rock, EDM or Soft Ones

free music apps without wifi

The best part of it is that it is a best free music app without wifi.

It provides unlimited music and lets you listen to music from thousands of AM and FM stations near you and all over the globe. Other amenities include Sports Radio stations and Streamed podcasts from celebrities.

Consequently, one can also create personalized music stations, based on your library collections on iHeart Radio. Radio also allows choosing songs from the stations and replaying it by saving them. So that is where you get your Offline music for free. iHeart is one of the most used apps that you can listen to music without wifi.

Get iHeart Radio for iOS from here and for Android from here.


It comes with a tag saying it is 100% FREE and has no Download Limit. Finally, one thing to know about Pandora is that, it is difficult to access it in India. It is based in USA.

free music apps without wifi

You can download this on Desktop and sign up for a free trial of Pandora with Pandora Premium for unlimited music which is personalized and totally Genre-used for every mood that you want. It has access to the greatest hits. And also has the ‘thumbs up’ playlist, which features all of the songs you’ve given a ‘thumbs up’ in all the stations. It is a best free music app without wifi you should use.

Most of all, this is more like a pandora box that brings to you a lot of fun in either way around.

Get Pandora- for iPhone and for Android.


free music apps without wifiMusify is an App meant for the IOS users and is not meant for the Android users. So you can gain access to the iPhone or iPad or iPod or MacBook. It allows playing of unlimited tracks OFFLINE. It is completely FREE. You can use this music app no wifi needed at all.

Though it has doubted support for the iPhone X and 8. It allows listening to the songs before downloading them. It allows sorting by the Artist, name or size. Its features a full and complete media player. Musify is quicker and has easy mark up for the chord notation on the Web. It is one of the best music apps for iPhone without wifi.

Download Mustify for iPhone from here.


With Spotify, it’s easy to find the right music for every moment – on your phone, your computer, your tablet and more. You really should go for this app if you are willing to use best no wifi music apps now.

free music apps without wifi

Spotify gives access to millions of tracks. So the right music is available to you every moment you are working at the gym or on a walk or in a Party or you want to relax your mood.

You can also browse through the music collections of celebrities too, which is amazing. Just subscribing the Spotify Apps to listen to music without wifi free.


This is said to be the leanest non wifi music apps.

free music apps without wifi

The best thing is that you can listen to music while offline and can also save your most recent results, all regardless of network coverage. This App is just less than 1 MB, and all the loads of music can be downloaded. It’s an amazing app, now available in the Apple and Android.

Shazam is one of the most popular apps of all time, used by millions of people each month., Shazam now helps people discover and share music or any real content. It’s one of the top free music apps no wifi needed you can give a try.

Get Shazam- for iPhone and for Android.

Beats Music

free music apps without wifiIt is a subscription-based online streaming service started by Beats Electronics division of Apple. You can listen to music without internet. I’m sure that it is one of the most amazing music apps that work without wifi till now.

All the new subscriptions that arose were taken over by Apple’s services. Beats Music has been completely discontinued after November 30, 2015. Furthermore, these music apps that work without wifi are the best options to get into and get the thrill out of the beat music. If you are looking for apps to listen to music without wifi free then take this one on the action.

Get Beats Music from here- for iPhone and for Android.


Listen to your favorite music in Groove on your Windows or Apple or Android devices. The genetic makeup of Groove is similar to that of Apple’s Genius. All you need is some fixed playlist. The groove is a great music player without wifi.

free music apps without wifi

You can create a playlist with the music that you have stored in One Drive or from background music. These music apps without wifi are completely flexible with Windows 10, PCs, tablets as well as phones. This app requires up to 100 MB storage. Streaming to one device at a time helps you divide speed. If you ask me about any free music apps without wifi then I can surely suggest you this one.

Download Groove- for iPhone and for Android.

The Slacker

Slacker is the best kept under music and it is best music app without internet too. It provides uniquely personalized entertainment. The company allows free access to millions of songs and hundreds of expert-programmed stations. It performs best with a team of expert music curators and programmers. Slacker delivers an unlimited music discovery experience.

Therefore, we can easily conclude the fact that slacker has the best ratings overall. and is competent for the other high rated Music Apps..

Download Slacker- for iPhone and for Android.

Some other No Wifi Music Apps for iphone & Android you can try-

S. No.Music apps without WiFi
3.Google Play Music
7.Amazon Music
8.Apple Music
10.Guvera Music

The Final Thoughts

Time to sum up the entire list and get jump straight to ask you about the awesome experience you just had with the best music apps without wifi. If you are someone who is a music fan but still cannot sign up to use online music apps, this is just your dreamland.

Feel free to put down your comments if you have any idea about music apps that work without wifi. These non wifi music apps are sure going to thrill you and let you have the best free music app without wifi experience of all time. As a result of these music apps, you can probably turn on your music sensations.

So, concludingly, if you like this list of free music apps without wifi then please do share it with your circle and don’t forget to let me know your favorite no wifi music apps in the comments below.

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