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iTunes Alternative: No One Will Tell You About!

iTunes Alternatives

iTunes Alternative is the one thing that you want to opt for when you are bored with your present iTunes options. So if you have decided to search alternatives to iTunes today then you are at the perfect place. Here at Ablogher, coming up are some of the best free iTunes alternatives for you that you had been looking for all this time.

As Apple users have had their own software to boast about, iTunes is one of them. In the world of music players, iTunes is the music player mainly for iPad, iPhone users. This is the app that requires a lot of effort to play music, save it or share it. And its users are battling over it now. Hence, we have found out some iTunes alternative which will rescue you from this dilemma.

Everything has a downside and so does using iPad, iPhone, and iPhone. In the present time, finding iTunes alternative is not a big issue. There are tons of them available for you. Talking of now, there are iTunes alternative to windows, alternatives to iTunes for mac, and what not!

So, if you want iTunes to go for your favorite music popping in your computer or if you are looking to sync it, there are many free alternatives to iTunes to choose from.  Therefore, without wasting much of your time, let’s dig into the world that offers the best alternatives to iTunes.

If iTunes frustrate you now, you are looking through the right list.

Best iTunes Alternative List

iTunes Alternative

1. Ecoute

A free easy to use, a media player, that has a distinctive feature, that is the interface which allows only certain elements to be available to the users at larger and better display sizes. The app automatically identifies the taste in music of the users and provides with updates of the songs you might be interested in with the help of notifications that can be turned through the option of always-on-top.

On top of that, the tool also provides the liberty to connect with your Facebook, Twitter accounts.

2. Wondershare TunesGo

Wonershare TunesGo is an altogether go-to app where you can not only listen to a wide range of songs, you can do multiple things at the same time. This app is a heavyweight and multiutility app, in short, it is an iDevice management system. The app even lets you sync your iTunes library with your Android smartphones. One of many features of the app is reverse copying, which is the ability to transfer songs from iPhone/iPod to the computer.

Windows provides the free version of this app so you can enjoy the many features available. Yet another best alternatives to iTunes.

3. Swinsian

Swinsian is an app which puts the emphasis more on the media playback part only.

The interface of this app is quite similar to that of iTunes so navigation won’t be an issue. The app provides with few features that make it unique from the other counterparts such as the auto-detection of AirPlay ports if any available around and the editing tool that the app provides is also very efficient.

4. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey is basically a free media player which is an altogether management site where you can not only listen to songs and watch videos but app automatically finds information about the track and fill the gaps of missing information. This app also lets you erase the duplicates, provides you with a recommended list of songs based on our track choices. You can even record audio from discs and sync our iTunes too.

The only let back will be the intricate use of the app, other than that this the go-to app.

Some of the most common advantages of this iTunes alternative are:

  • Apart from syncing to iPhones and iPads, you can sync to any other device.
  • Whatever you listen to, the playlist will include the same songs.
  • Cleans out the files that are more than once.

The disadvantage of using MediaMonkey is that you can operate it only on your windows. Also, you might have to pay some extra money to use the premium services. So, make your choice carefully.

5. DoubleTwist

This is a cross-platform app which is supported in Mac, Windows, and Android. The users can even keep their playlist in sync across all the devices they are using through a WiFi connection. This app again has a similar interface which will be easy if you are already using iTunes. The app is a basic media player and is free, but if you want the better version there is always the paid version.

6. SynciOS

SynciOS has it all, whatever function you might want to proceed with, you are provided with all the possible features you can think of. It is a fully equipped manager which is supported by Windows and is for free.

Few features from the many are, you can back up contents, you can even sync or change wallpapers, ringtones and sync your playlist which can include music, videos, photos, etc.

The advantages that this iTunes alternative has to offer includes:

  • Transfer of media can happen both ways
  • You don’t have to pay any money to use the services.
  • Backup your contents.
  • Sync anything you want and as much as you want.

The disadvantage is that this is an iTunes alternative for windows only.

7. PodTrans

This app is basically simplified and trimmed down version of SynciOS with an inbuilt music player. The app does provide you with tons of features but the one thing that makes this app unique from the other apps in this lot is that it doesn’t require an iTunes installation to import and export music from iPod/iPhones or vice-versa. Another feature that this app provides is the unique drag-and-drop feature which makes the app easy to use for transferring contents.

8. Fidelia

This app for the music geeks, the app provides with various features like precise wavelength visualization, high-quality sound ordering.  The app also supports a wide range of formats which other apps might not support. This app talks only business and is the ‘app’ if you are into music and high profile editing.

9. VOX

This is a paid app but one of the best in this lot, this app provides you with a variety of features which is easy to use and reliable. This app allows you to store your entire music playlist in your cloud without compromising with the quality of the audio, this feature is also known as loop technology and is one of the standout features of this app. The app also provides you with high fidelity sound quality and presents you with the highest quality of the audio and lets you sync with you your SoundCloud easily.

10. Tomahawk

One of the best media management apps available, which supports all the possible formats available and lets you connect and sync your contents with various social media platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud etc. this app is supported by the major platforms available and also provides connectivity with Google, Twitter, Facebook to share your playlist with your friends.

One of the standout features of this app is that even if the song is not available on your playlist it will automatically search the song online and provide you the best quality audio possible. So these were some of the alternatives from iTunes that allow you to enjoy fuss-free listening, sharing a saving of music for Apple users.

The common advantage of Tomahawk are:

  • With this app, you can have everything piled up at one location.
  • Works a lot similar to hatchet and serves as a social tool as well.
  • It runs smoothly on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.
  • Provides all sort of support to any streaming network like Spotify.

The disadvantage of the tool is that you will have to pay some money to get hold of the premium services of the application.

11. MusicBee

When it comes to knowing about alternatives to iTunes, this one tops the charts. But, heads up! This is an iTunes alternative just for Windows. So, for all those looking for iTunes alternatives for windows, you got yourself in the right place.

Basically, it has two versions. Use it as a desktop version or as a portable app, the choice is all yours! Well, MusicBee is a lot more than just an option for playing music. With this option, you have a better chance to add up to your music library and do justice to it. We all like upgrades, don’t we? This is exactly what calls for a need to get the alternatives to iTunes for music library time and again.

To start off, it will not hamper your present list of iTunes and you can easily import your list. Music bee does a fantastic job to keep your collections intact and in order. Well, there is a reason we call it iTunes alternatives for windows. It offers features using which you can tag files, rip support, and pull off the lyrics. Also, the added benefit includes you to download the add-ons with which you can have a wide option of capabilities to make your pick from. These include options allowing tweaking, device support, and visualizations.

It just gets better and better.

12. Foobar2000

It would be really unfair if we talk of iTunes alternative and not of foobar2000. It might not be the one that pleases your eyes or is attractive, but isn’t there a quote that says – Don’t judge a book by its cover? The same goes for foobar2000.

It is one of the best iTunes alternatives and is very powerful. It has outgrown itself and you can easily do any sort of customization as per your choice. Foobar2000 is a pretty basic music player that offers everything which is totally basic. But, the endless add-ons that it has to offer are the ones stealing the show.

You have all the privilege to wide up the list of your music library. This is all because of the CD ripping feature that foobar2000 has to offer. It provides support to endless playback formats as well. The desktop software gets a backup in the form of iOS. For some of you, it might turn out to be a lot complicated as there are tons of plugins available already. But, if you put in your efforts, trust me, the reward coming up is pretty huge.

13. Clementine

This one is an all rounder and is flexible with Windows, Mac, and any other place you are willing to run it. This is yet another iTunes alternative that is worth a shot.

This one too is not as great an alternatives to iTunes, but it seriously gets your job done. The bunch of facilities it has to offer includes the following:

  • Library management
  • Music playback
  • Ripping
  • Copy music to different devices that support it

What on earth more could one possibly demand when it comes to iTunes alternatives?

Apart from doing its job, Clementine also offers a lot of interesting information in addition to the music collection. It provides proper statistics and lyrics to the present song you are falling in love with. You can also use clementine with which you can tune directly into your radio. This gets much better when you have more music to listen to. Clementine also provides cloud storage that will help in streaming music and go for listening to podcasts as well.

The major disadvantage that this one has to offer is the lackluster background and designs. Additionally, your user interface can be called for a slightly better chance than the usual.

14. DearMob iPhone Manager

Another iTunes alternatives for windows as well as mac. It serves as one of the most efficient options and as a management tool. Its intuitive interface will make you fall in love with it. Also, if you are not an experienced iOS user, there is nothing to worry about as this is very easy to use.

DearMob, staying true to its name, offers the dearest solutions. You can backup your files with just a click and restore them to import and export as per your choice. Contacts, Applications, Music, Videos, and etc, you can sort them all as you want it to.

Some of the advantages of DearMob are:

  • Comes with tons of features
  • Offers convenience to sync your files
  • Easy interface
  • High-grade encryption

The only disadvantage that comes tagged along is that it does not allows wireless transfer. This turns out to be a problem for a lot of iOS users.

A few more Alternatives to iTunes

S. No.iTunes Alternative
10.Quod Libet

Wrapping up free Alternatives to iTunes

Well, wrapping it up, that was all about iTunes alternative. From the list, there are tons of options available that are iTunes alternatives for windows, alternatives to iTunes for Mac, and serve as the best alternatives to iTunes for music library.

That was all about the best iTunes alternative and make sure that you use them all to crop down your preference list. These are some of the best options on which you can get your hands on and missing out on them would definitely be a huge loss if your love for music is real.

Don’t forget to list down the options that aren’t already here to help out others!

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