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No WiFi games Free For Android & iOS

no wifi games free

No wifi games free to use have become a general craving for all those game lovers who fall out of their data most of the times. You can see tons of free games without wifi on the Internet but most of them are boring that’s why picking up the best wifi free games is a hard task. So that’s why we have made a list of non wifi games for you.

It becomes really difficult to pass your time when you have no internet and neither the fun games. Well, the happy part is that there are tons of fun games to play without wifi.

Shocked, are you? Don’t be because you might be astonished finding of these free games without internet. So, time to get started with the big list of best non wifi games and get the thrill forever. I have tried to add all the most popular no internet games. So keep reading this list of games without wifi for android and iPhone games without wifi too.

Free games without wifi-

Shadow Fight 2

no wifi games free

Starting the list off with one of my personal favorite free games without wifi, Shadow Fight 2 or briefly abbreviated as SF 2 is an adventurous RPG game. Taking the Android platform by storm, this no WiFi game for android is surprisingly the best an offline game could offer. Portraying the role of a warrior, who was transformed into a shadow, even though the game requires frequent updates as you progress, the game offers top-notch features for the time being.

No doubt, this non WiFi game is a must if you want a game that is not only free but also offers better performance for comparatively low memory, I highly encourage you to install it as soon as possible. Hence this game lands as my first pick for the no wifi games free.

Download Shadow Fight 2 from here- For Android & For iOS.

Angry Birds 2

no wifi games free

If you have spent enough time on Play store or internet in general, It is almost impossible to not to come across Angry Birds 2. This no WiFi game boasts quality and excellent gameplay. This is a without internet game or simply, it is an offline game. If your smartphone or mobile does not have sufficient RAM for a smooth gameplay of Shadow Fight 2, Angry Birds 2 is a game that will surely keep you engaged. It is one of the top games you can play without wifi right now.

However, this game may not be declared as other overall wifi free games as it requires an internet connection to compete and challenge the players across the world. Being a free non WiFi game, angry birds 2 has an excellent physics and the game cannot be won by simply throwing the birds without much calculation. That being said, this is a fun game without wifi.

Download Angry Birds 2 from here- For Android & For iOS.

Fruit Ninja

I thought of going through the important and well-known games first, before getting on to the obscure ones. This infamous no internet game is known for its brilliant graphics and gameplay. Anyone can play this game and most importantly this is one of the great no wifi games free to use thereby adding an extra point for the overall performance of the game.

no wifi games free

Not only available for Android, fruit ninja is also one of the best iPhone games without WiFi. The game itself is quite addictive and for the features that it currently possesses, Fruit Ninja is quite fascinating and interesting to play. Similar to Angry birds 2, fruit ninja requires an internet connection to experience the multiplayer game. This is yet another fun games to play without wifi. This game will keep you engaged if you are traveling without WiFi. It is one of my favorite games you can play without wifi.

Download Fruit Ninja from here- For Android & For iOS.

 Subway Surfers

no wifi games freeOnly two categories of people won’t recognize Subway Surfers. 1. Aliens, 2. Predators. Seriously though, Subway Surfers is one of the most popular Android/iOS games ever. Obviously, it is most popular game apps without wifi. Subway surfers along with Temple Run (this game is listed next) completely shaped the android game trend. It created a new trend of never-ending the running game.

The game itself will keep anyone from one year old to one hundred years old engaged. In addition to a great gameplay and physics, Subway Surfers offer attractive features such as jetpacks, hovercrafts etc. I bet everyone might have at least played this game once, but if you have not explored this game much, be a part of 500 million+ gamers. This is a free no wifi games for Android and iOS.

I have enjoyed this game a lot and that’s why I love this game most out of all other games without wifi connection we have on this list of no wifi games free for iOS.

Download Subway Surfers from here- For Android & For iOS.

Temple Run or Temple Run 2

If you guessed it right, Temple Run and Subway Surfers were the games which took android platform by storm. However, it was Temple Run’s sequel that generated a lot of buzz within the android id gaming community. Temple Run is one of the best free offline android games we have to play.

Temple Run series is a never ending running game in which the player operates the character who is being chased by a monster. This game has an outstanding score of 4.3 and it has been downloaded 500 Million+ times. This is a reward for its brilliant gameplay and graphics.

Download Temple Run 1 from here- For Android and For Temple Run 2 here – For Android and For iOS.

Gangster Vegas-Mafia

There was a time when Grand Theft Auto or GTA ruled the PC platform. As they tend to expose a very little scope for Android as the games available in the Play store are paid ones. For those who need a similar kind of game as free,  Gangster Vegas-Mafia is always there in Play store. All you have to do is press the “install” button.

You can surely try this one if you are action pack lover and looking for some free games that don’t need internet.

Before doing it, make sure to have at least 2 GB free space on your phone. All the specs aside, Gangster Vegas-Mafia is an open world role play game(RPG), where you can experience a wide range mini-games including but not limited to Mixed Martial Arts(MMA), Auto Races, Shooting, Fighting and what not. Quite surprisingly, many of the users are not familiar with Gangster Vegas-Mafia as an offline game.

You have a huge map with tons of different vehicles to play with, and you can even build a clan of yours and get into to your enemy hood for a combat. This is a no wifi games free for Android and iOS. Overall, a perfect game and will not disappoint the users. If you have 2 GB free space, what are you waiting for? You can install these free games to play without wifi from play store.

Download Gangster Vegas-Mafia from here- For Android & For iOS.


Not 2018, it’s 2048.  2048 is a mind-bending puzzle game that has puzzled a lot of people including some mathematicians and scientists alike. Undoubtedly, the best puzzle game available on the play store, 2048 is a fun game without wifi. And it is a great choice if you need games that don’t need WiFi.

All you have to do is to double the numbers until you get to beat your own high score. Sounds easy right? Try it for yourself. Henceforth it is safe to call 2048 one of the best no wifi games free without internet.

Some More No Wifi Games Free


If 2048 made the list, why can’t the Sudoku make it to the list as well? Yet another offline game that will surely keep satisfying everyone, Sudoku is a big name among people. Sudoku lovers rejoice! This free wifi game will surely remind you of the good old days of scrapping old newspaper for playing Sudoku. I can suggest this game anyone searches for free games no wifi needed.

Actually, Sudoko brightens your thinking ability. Researchers have proved that people playing sudoku will do better in a test compared to ones who do not. Sudoku demands high thinking skills and at the same time, it will also test your patience.

Cut the Rope

Cut the rope quickly gained a lot of followers in a short time period, with the number of downloads from play store alone ranging up to 100 million. This brain twister is all set to gain more downloads in future.

The reason behind this critical reception among the fans is because of its built. Awesome physics and mind-blowing gameplay for a little memory(between 40 to 50 MB), Cut the rope is easily one of the best no wifi games without internet. Here is what you have to do so as to win the game, feed Om Nom (Ia frog) with candies. Cut the rope is also one of the best options on this list of no wifi games free to play.

However, the twist is that the candies are tied or attached to some sort of ropes, which are interconnected. The said ropes should be cut down in such a way that the candies fall directly into Om Nom’s mouth. Moreover, the developers have currently released the latest one. If you want the newer version of this one of the amazing free games without wifi, you can always find them in play store.

Cricket Black

Sports is most certainly one of the most preferred no wifi games free to use genres when it comes to games. As far as I’m concerned most of the best games to play without wifi or with wifi come from either cricket or soccer. Cricket Black is one such game that will surely surprise people.  Having a mere size of 2 MB( I’m saying the truth, it is indeed 2 MB, not 2 GB).

However, do not expect a top-notch graphics and features. This is a 2 Dimensional or 2 D game with a couple of available features or game modes. One of them being the Quickplay mode and the other one being “Chase the target” mode. It does not demand either an internet connection is required or a 4 GB RAM. All you need is a smartphone and a never-ending boredom. So, Cricket Black is also a good among these best free no wifi games for Android to try.

Candy Crush Saga

After Temple Run and Subway Surfers, Candy crush introduced a new “Saga” to Android and iOS gaming platform. Although, this games primarily attracts women Candy crush has over 500 million downloads on play store alone. If you are a puzzle lover or especially a girl reading this list of free games without wifi then you really should try this one right now, I’m sure you’ll gonna love it.

Believed to be a never-ending game with thousands, if not zillions of levels. Frequently updating your game will add more levels and challenges. This is a no wifi games free for Android and iOS.

You need to have patience because once you run out of lives, it will take around an hour or so for your lives to get refreshed and refilled. As far as I am concerned, it is the only disadvantage of this game. Rest of the features works fine like a mint. This is an iPad game without wifi hence do get this game to experience the features on your big screen. To be true it is on the top of all wifi free games for house wifes.

Download Candy Crush Saga from here- For Android & For iOS.

Brain it on

Yet another addictive puzzle game that doesn’t require any internet connection or games without wifi connection or whatsoever, Brains it on is one of the best puzzle game available at the moment. This game is solely based on physics. All you have to do is to doodle around to make random shapes in order to complete the signed tasks. This is also an iPhone game without wifi and iPad games without wifi too. This game is not only addictive but also challenging to play. This is a game apps without wifi.

If you are one among those who think making shapes for completing assigned tasks sounds easy, then prepare to get bedazzled by the level of difficulty that this game offers. Yes, you can complete level 1 and 2 with ease, but remember level 1 is not as same as level 100. If you are a curious cat waiting to get killed, download this one of the great brainy non wifi games and play for yourself.

Download Brain It On from here- For Android & For iOS.

Paper Toss

Being one of the few games that offer unique gameplay, Paper Toss is realistic without internet game which recreates the art of throwing paper correctly on to the dustbin. That might sound quite easy, but once you play the game, you will understand its difficulty the game, you will be knowing its difficulty. It is one of the most addictive games you can play without wifi developed by backflip studios got a huge response from people around the globe as the game was downloaded 50 Million+ times on play store alone. It is as amazing as all other wifi free games for sure.

Download Paper Toss from here- For Android & For iOS.

Infinity loop

This game has been for a while and ever since it has been puzzling a lot of people ever since. Once you have installed this game, all you have to do is to create an infinite loop with no such definite beginning and end.

This is a no wifi games free for Android and iOS. The objective is to create such loops out of the provided random and distorted figures. Similar to most of the game, the difficulty level increases with every successive level.

Download Infinity Loop from here- For Android & For iOS.

Euro Truck Simulator

Out of all of the simulation games on the internet, in my opinion, it is the  Euro truck simulator that has better gameplay and features. Akin to its PC version, Euro truck simulator has a huge map covering entire Europe.

However changes could be made on the graphics and surrounding places, for a small memory of less than 200 MB, this is the best you can get. Once you have downloaded this google no wifi game, all you have to do is to select a starting spot from where you will start your journey.

From there, you will take up orders and on completing them you will get the enlisted money. After finishing a hand-full of jobs you can always upgrade your trucks or even buy a new one. The interesting feature of this game is its realistic features like Petrol refill and sleep meter(might sound weird but works well on the game to provide a slight realistic kick). You can surely try this one of the top free games without internet if you enjoy vehicles.

Traffic Rider

If your childhood memories consist of wrecking your opponents on Roadrash then traffic rider, a first-person game might bring those memories back. It is one of the best iPad games without wifi. Traffic rider is a first-person racing or bike riding game where you ride your superbike on a busy road. Unlike Roadrash, you can not control the gas pedal instead you only have access to the brakes. You can’t miss this if you finally decided to try out some amazing wifi free games.

The bike gets elevated acceleration as the time elapses and reaches a top spending brakes you can reduce your speed slowly using brakes. You can try this one of the best racing game among all other no wifi games free for use. Moreover, this game is not based on a single bike, it offers a wide range of choices for bikes which are unlocked after meeting certain conditions.

Download Traffic Rider from here- For Android & For iOS.

Wrestling Revolution

Arguably the best wrestling game made for Android and iOS, Wrestling revolution is all about grappling, throwing, punching and even killing a wrestler. Even though there are some notable wrestling games like UFC and WWE 2K, but as far as I am concerned, none of them could beat the wrestling revolution. If you watch wrestling and would like to play with your heroes on your side then you can try this one of the top free games without wifi.

The reason being its versatile gameplay. On wrestling revolution, one could be a wrestler or a Manager or a booker. You can fight, manage and make a roster. This is a no wifi games free for Android and iOS.

On top of that this game does not require an internet connection, so that is a huge advantage as well.

Google-Dinosaur Run (a.k.a) Google T-Rex Run

Saving the best for the last Google-Dinosaur Run (a.k.a) Google T-Rex Run is an endless offline game powered by Google. We can say this Google no wifi game. Quite surprisingly 3 out of 10 people who use Google Chrome are not aware of this feature.

It is our first Google game on this list of free no wifi games.

Once you have gone offline, you will be seeing a webpage showing “You are offline”. While you are there click the page anywhere to start the game. Once the T-Rex starts running, all you have to do is to touch the screen anywhere to perform a jump. The game itself is as difficult as that of the Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers since the game slowly picks up the pace as the time elapses. It is a tough competitor to all other best no wifi games free.

Once you pass the 500 mark, you will bounce new obstacles. Make sure token eye out for a mysterious bird. Try to get a high score of 1000. If you did the 2000 mark, congrats, you are now one of the best gamers in the world. That being said, this is undoubtedly the best free no wifi games without internet. Moreover, it is also the best iPad games without wifi.

Some more wifi free games to play without wifi

S. No.Free No WiFi Games
1.Word Search
2.Sniper X
3.Asphalt Street
4.Forsake the rake
5.Fatal Raid
6.Skull Girls
7.Carx Drift Racing
8.Zombie Fighting Champions
9.Cover Fire
10.I Gladiator
11.Tiny Keep
12.The Conduit HD
13.Heroes Reborn: Enigma
14.Off Road
15.Despicable Me: Minion Rush
16.Can Knock Down 3
17.Bonza Word Puzzle
18.Six Guns: Gang Showdown
19.Unblock Me
20.Dead Space


Yes, time to bid adieu. These are the major list of the fantastic no wifi games free to use or games you can play without wifi.

Have the best gaming experience with these free games without wifi.

Don’t forget to punch down the names of the games without wifi. Play yourself and play with your friends.

Share these non wifi games with your friends and folks and enjoy!

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