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Sites like Putlocker | Best alternatives 2018

Free Movie Sites like Putlocker

Sites like Putlocker are online hubs for movie buffs, web series addict, film enthusiasts.

These Movie sites like PutLocker provide quality links from where one can download high definition movies or web collections or tele shows for free. Also, in case you are looking to brighten yourself up, check movie sites like rainierland and get the refreshment for you.

Downloading from the links is no rocket science. Operating them needs no tactics, rather they are user-friendly and leads to relevant links.

Websites like putlocker help movie bingers, series addict to get easily what they love.

They rational the true fanatics to reach out their respective interests truly, instead of waiting and overpaying for former methods like DVDs, CDs, Cables, etc. Sites like Putlocker are one of a kind that serves entirely for entertainment purposes.

There is quite a list of alternatives for such sites. Since the media is completely online, a putlocker alternative can shut down momentarily for technical or legal issues.

Coming right up are the various websites like putlocker as well as the perfect alternative to putlocker that hold their tights spot in the race.

Sites like Putlocker
Free Movie Sites like Putlocker

Best Free Movie Sites like Putlocker


If you are looking forward to having an experience that leaves you thrilled, MoGo Movies is the right choice for you.

Sites like Putlocker
Sites like Putlocker

The super fast streaming helps the user in having an experience of a lifetime. Talking about the interface, it is very convenient for the user to use. This is one of the putlocker alternatives that contain putlocker tv series and a collection of different categories of movies.

These similar sites like Putlocker keep on developing their former versions into upgraded ones to avoid unnecessary scams, viruses or even unwanted bugs.

In order to give the user a better experience, MoGo Movies puts up all its top class movies on the front page. This is one of the biggest alternatives to putlockers.

Vumoo serves as one of the best streaming sites like putlocker on the Internet that has been made available so far. If you plan to come and leave, Vumoo will make sure that you don’t.

Sites like Putlocker
Movie Sites like Putlocker

It has got a huge collection of classics as well as all the new different releases. The screen size of your phone will hardly matter as you will be able to view all the movies on full screen and HD.

The website truly provides a Supersonic speed when it comes to streaming. The breeze just flows once you start browsing.

All the movie fans must visit if you are bored of putlocker sites.


Vudu is a complete and true putlocker alternative. It is a collection of TV Series and movies. Vudu has got your back if you are searching for quality contents.

Sites like Putlocker
Free Movie Streaming Sites like Putlocker

The website is very easy to use and can easily run on any of your devices. Well, unlike the other putlocker alternatives present on the list, Vudu also has a collection of all those high definition movies that you have been searching for all your life.

Based on your preferences, it becomes quite easier to sort out films. Pick any genre and the list appears right in front of you containing all the details about your pick.


Holoa is a lot different like those of websites like putlocker.

This is one of the perfect destinations for a movie fan to visit and watch the movies on the Internet. The movie quality is completely super and that is the reason for it being so popular.

The different available categories include Fantasy, Action, Romance, Thrill, and more. The one assurance that you get from Holoa is the high-quality videos and the wide range of TV Shows.


123Movies is also one of the kinds of putlockers site. The interesting and the fascinating things about 123Movies is that, and easily choose your movies according to the convenience of your country.

This means if it is a Korean movie or searching for or if it is a Korean serial that you want on your list, 123Movies provides it to you.

Talking about the streaming speed, this is definitely going to need you awestruck once you visit the website and start streaming up your favorite movie. This is nothing like the similar sites like Putlocker but definitely the advanced version.


When we speak of other sites like putlocker, it is impossible to keep Niter off the list. The well-structured built-in library is worth the visit.

When it comes to sorting movies, it is extremely easy on Niter. It also provides users to closely observe different biographies and documentaries.

When it comes to design, the outer layout of the website is completely sleek. This makes navigation to be easy and flexible.

If we talk about the streaming speed, Niter never disappoints you. Search the best and fastest trimming speed to its users. The HD watching experience never gets old.


MovieFlixter is yet another best purpose alternative to putlocker. The coolest thing about MovieFlixter is the User experience. This is one of the best streaming sites to watch movies.

It becomes quite easy for you to judge a movie by just looking at the rating. Yes, MovieFlixter provides this awesome opportunity for every viewer to filter their preferences.

All you need to do is name the movie, and you got it from the huge collection of movies that can be found inside MovieFlixter.

MovieFlixter brings up many advantages for the users and the most important one is the facility to download any movies and any TV shows.

The appearance of the putlocker new site is left behind if you want visit MovieFlixter.


Movie4k comes forward as one of the similar sites like putlocker. The collection of TV series is somewhat similar to the putlocker tv series gallery.

If we talk about the working of Movies4k, it provides the link to the users so that they can directly land on the page that is hosting the movie.

Beside the download link, there is a smiley which provides the information about the movie quality to the users. This is one of the biggest advantages of Movie4K over putlocker site.

Well, there is nothing much to discuss when it comes to the design. The movies are pretty properly organized according to their categories and the user can make their pic very easily. So I can say this is one of the top sites like putlockers 2018.

Putlocker TV

The entertainment world is a slave of commercialism from the trust of times. Thus commercials take up half the time allotted for any film that comes on TV. It gets irrational and irritating for a true buff-head. A movie that has running time for hardly two hours gets to run for more than three, due to the effect of an ad break after every fifteen minutes which continues for five minutes minimum. Not exaggerating but this way the real flavor of a decent film is unattainable. A similar thing happens to Tele Shows as well. An uninterrupted watch becomes a myth. Thus movie Sites like Putlocker helps to get the genuine taste of a quality film or any show viable on the internet.

Putlocker Series

Nowadays web series are trendy and a part of everyone’s must-watch list. But they are either to be seen when they are streamed online or wait till it is broadcasted on Television. Websites like putlocker counteract the anticipation with providing direct links to download the episodes very soon after the releasing dates. The quality is undoubtedly highly defined and subtitles are also available if one opts for that too. Putlocker new sites also avail in providing regional serials throughout the world. That is no more a certain talkie is confined in a territory but is obtainable by a larger audience worldwide. It is an unbiased site that transmits entertainment internationally free of charge.

Putlocker Site

The Internet is worldwide web; hence if one simply seeks out for links directly on search engines to download any feature, they might end up doing the fruitless searching for hours on the internet and ultimately give up without getting any result or end up with multiple spams. Similar sites like Putlocker and alternatives of putlocker provide a platform to download links directly from the source without any additional plug-ins or spams. There are also such sites where one can watch the tape online but that cost certain American dollars. Whereas Putlocker is that kind of a site which lets one watch the tape with zero cost. An uninterrupted smooth download is a way to go!

Putlocker Apps

Tech-wise our Generation is ever evolving, hence any stable website tends to create their own personalized app so as to serve better to their audience. Putlocker is one such app used for online best-streaming sites to watch movies free of charge. The website again deals with limitless links of all categories and easy to use user interface. It is said to rank on 252nd Position on an international scale from the traffic it receives. It has been called World’s most popular movie streaming website like Putlocker that at times need to struggle with the authorities on the right issue. A legal mockery is done on it for the extensive user it gets and for copyright violation. But as the proverb recalls it, Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest!

Sites like Putlockers 2016

There are numerous alternatives of putlocker available online which serve the same purpose as Putlocker. Earlier, the internet was not much of a convenient media for common mass to attain; hence Cable TV was the only option of luxury. But now, the internet is one click away, thence paying numbers for Cables are not worth it. They provide disturbed transmission, in numerous adverts, and no option of saving any programme to watch later. The best way to enjoy is to sit at one’s convenient time, with popcorn or the whatnots that they prefer, and enjoy an uninterrupted watch!

Some more alternates to Putlocker are:

S. No.Sites like Putlocker
1.Amazon Prime

Some of these sites do not provide free of cost watch, unlike Putlocker. But the pay is justifiable and the service is not just ordinary.

Sites like Putlocker 2018

Putlocker sites is an online expedition entrance for watching permit and duplicate flawless and faultless mp4 or any video format films free of charge. Their databases consist of trillions of such engaging stuff. Sites like Putlocker act as a host stage for the outside movie or video suppliers.

A systematic sequential category order is maintained thoroughly. No abrupt additional ad windows may pop up. A professional site it is that provides straightforward and easy to handle the user interface. The drill is to give the name of the desired film in the hunt bar, or scrutinize the rundown of video movies in sequential order or basically scrolling through the arranged framework. The site abounds in not only new releases but also age-old serial dramas. That is the Guest may explore and endure series available on the internet from the earliest of times.

Putlocker Television and Entertainment

Websites like Putlocker allows super fast video streaming with minimum net consumption along with an easy-to-deal user interface.

In terms of design, they own a search bar and multiple categories and subcategories close to the footer such as Action, Adventure, Animation, Fantasy, Drama, Sci-fi, Romance and a lot more. In addition, most popular and trendy movies are already placed on the homepage.

One can hover around the movies to know the plot line and other relevant information. Regardless of screen size, one gets to stream the movies in full screen with optimum sound and visuals in HD.

Putlocker New Sites

For a collective legal and copyright violation issues, Putlocker had to undergo many changes over the years. The service has never changed for worse. In addition, new alike sites have been developed and have been serving since.

The movie sites like putlocker are no less than a fortress for movie fanatics who dwell on good movies of all origin and taste.

Availability of variety is the main criterion of these websites. The most appealing case is that these sites are convenient for streaming on almost any device.

They do not demand any particular platform or installation of any special program. It is extremely easy to sort movies based on their genres, IMDB rating, new releases and extra’s. The top rated movies are available in premium quality.

These sites like putlocker even offer the quality of each movie usually through a smiley beside the download link. The audio-visual qualities are distinct and not corrupted.

In the hustle and bustle of life, it is good to feel assured that at least entertainment comes free of charge when one is familiar with sites like Putlocker. All of these sites are completely free, though some may come with specific policies, on an overall view; the alternate websites are as good as Putlocker itself. Hoping to see it develop more soon!

Well, time to wrap up and bid adieu. Hope you have a wonderful experience with these putlocker alternatives.

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