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YouTube Alternatives | Top YouTube Competitors

youtube alternatives

Shocking isn’t it? How can there be any youtube alternatives! Are there some really youtube competitors!

But there are several sites similar to youtube due to its high privacy policy. YouTube is mainly showing more cons than pros for young YouTubers who need little liberal rules to survive and get to their audiences.

Due to its ways of suspending accounts where you cannot get your account back, 10 mins time limit, people are rather searching for liberal YouTube Alternatives.

Here is a list of video streaming sites like youtube we have brought to you when there will be no YouTube.

Youtube Alternatives Sites or Apps


Using rules less harsh than YouTube, Dailymotion is one of the best youtube alternatives which is not as popular as YouTube. But if it isn’t YouTube it has to be Dailymotion.

Providing an easy layout which lets the users feel at home after YouTube, Dailymotion is the next site for video streaming and viewing.

The only disadvantage of this youtube competitor is being the video quality limitation to limited pro users and thereby limited video size, which affects educational institutions who will have to then branch out and divide lectures into smaller videos and into several channels.

Dailymotion is quite popular in Eurasia though if someday YouTube blacks out, it is Dailymotion who will take over the World Wide Web. Overall it is a great youtube alternative app to go with.


Vimeo is more popular youtube alternative website amongst budding filmmakers who get a very good platform for them to upload their work for others to learn from.

Vimeo is nowhere in the competition, not because of its less sophisticated and minimalistic UI but because it stands out for its purpose. Lesser distractions and features keep the aim simple and easy to use. You can surely use this one if you are looking for sites similar to youtube.

The only reason one would choose YouTube over Vimeo would be the weekly upload limit capped at 500 megabytes. Though with a few tweaks here and a thinner wallet every month, the limit can be upgraded to a massive 5 gigabytes, then that is a needle compared to the YouTube haystack.


There are a few youtube competitors but it is one of the top all of all. Metacafe is similar to Instagram when it comes to videos, capping each video to a 90 seconds mark, but it is also similar to youtube. Yeah, a lot of users would obviously be having second thoughts coming to this restriction but what makes Metacafe special is its focus on the content rather than monetary achievement over likes.

Owing to the time limit, content creators focus on keeping each video crisp and concise thereby worth every second one spends on the site.

It is a wonderful platform for community-driven content, and has achieved a feat of around unique 40 million viewers, again peanuts in front of YouTube, but guarantees no garbage videos. Wherever you see a list of websites similar to youtube you will surely see this one there.


Just like Vimeo attracts the crowd of filmmakers, Vevo is also one of the top YouTube alternatives for all music enthusiasts. Allowing users to drown in quality music with their swift interface and fast buffer, it may challenge the bandwidth your provider has for you.

Vevo does not allow users to upload their own videos to their server, hence variety in content will be challenged, but it is worth it since it keeps away a few desperate users when in urgency to find good quality music. Vevo is also one of the great video streaming sites like youtube available nowadays.

For them who say that music heals better than time, here is your health insurance. So you should go to this youtube alternative 2018 for sure.

Twitch – Best Similar Sites like YouTube

There are tons of alternative video sites but this one is kinda unique. Just as cars, it started as a concept prototype but was such a successful idea that it spread virally. For them who are wondering why so, here is the “go to” site for them nerdy gamers. Twitch stands out for its live broadcasting feature, which is now adopted by almost every other youtube competitors but then, for gamers who want their target audience to be specific, visit the site and hit a bookmark.

Coming to the difficult side of this beauty, she plays hard to get when she is being courted so she will take her time to buffer. She will be demanding attention, hence will not allow you to rewind. She is touchy on money so your payroll will be a little less than the average out from YouTube. So I can surely suggest this one if someone asks me about sites similar to youtube.

The Internet Archive

Going old school, this site was popular during the days when content uploaders and viewers were seemingly finite. It is a safe house for a number of TV series, a wide range of movies and other documentaries. We can count it as a good choice of Video streaming websites like youtube for sure. The part that catches the attention of viral content uploaders is there is no restriction of any kind on time or size or quality, and especially monetarily.

Answering the obvious question, it lacks new content which is the only thing that keeps it from overtaking YouTube. It is a great youtube alternative app for sure.

9Gag TV

All the social media worms obviously have heard of this brand. Without second thoughts, there is no competition for the entertainment they provide via GIFs and memes and videos. There is no doubting that you will laugh your heart out when you come across this site. It is one of the best youtube alternatives for sure again without second thoughts and one of the top youtube competitors too!

Though beware if you are around family because you might accidentally view some NSFW content too. For them lovely procrastinators, here is your site to kill time with under the blanket. Look if you are frustrated by searching, again and again, sites similar to youtube then you can try this one right now.


The no-holds-barred site flaunts a clean UI and attracts millions of users allowing content creators to upload any length of videos. Just like other youtube alternative sites Veoh is a great option to try. The uniqueness of this site is that it allows the user to promote their content exponentially. For example, if a user shares his content with his immediate friends and family, and they like it, and so on, the promotion grows exponentially.

The only disadvantage of this youtube alternative site can be experienced while searching for a specific content. Hence users tend to find a variety of content when not looking for some other specific content.


Flicker is one of the most attractive youtube alternatives sites I have ever seen till now. For newbies, this clean and simple UI is very user-friendly and allows creators to upload content in form of videos. The videos are of limited capacity but there are no obstacles to jump over while wanting to upload them for free. For these free account holders, every video is capped for a length of 90 seconds.

There are several features to be explored over the UI with great room for improvement. The major disadvantage is that only two videos of 90 seconds can be uploaded. Flicker is also on the list of youtube competitors.


Not very much different from Flickr except for a larger variety of features to be explored, and a large stash of user-generated videos. Just like above similar sites like youtube but for adults Photobucket is also a great choice. Even as it evolves, it promises a broader variety and better quality of videos to be streamed. It allows high definition videos to be uploaded to its server.

Though it is not quite topping the Google search page as of now, it will be able to attract much larger traffic to its site soon with more diversified content. When it comes to high definition streaming Photobucket is one of the great video search engines other than youtube we have o the Internet.

These were some of the few youtube alternatives we thought could fight their way up to watch YouTube. Hope this list of youtube competitors could be helpful.

I know there are lots of more Sites Like YouTube but for adults, if you got some more awesome video streaming sites like youtube then do comment them below so that I can add them in this list.

And also, don’t forget to let me know which is your favorite video streaming sites like youtube in the comments, and also please do share this list along with our website Ablogher with your friends and family too.

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