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ZBIGZ Premium Account Free and Updated 2018!

ZBIGZ Premium Account

ZBIGZ Premium Account, what is all the fuss about? The adventures of zbigz premium account are known to most of us. But. ask yourself, do you know everything? Well, if not, then you are definitely at the right place.

Today’s generation downloads everything directly from torrent and they require a very high speed to download. So, here is when zbigz premium account comes into play. The zbigz account offers very high speed. Hence, if you use this account, the user can increase the download speed and at last, the user can download all the torrent files through IDM. However, the user always needs a torrent leeching service to download files.

Know more about ZBIGZ Premium Account 2018!

ZBIGZ Premium Account

Therefore, the best idea is to opt for zbigz premium account for the direct conversion. It becomes a lot easy to directly get a download link for your torrent now. There is one more method to download files using uTorrent, but nothing is as good as zbigz premium account. Now, you can even get your hands on zbigz premium account free and that too without any survey.

It provides both free and premium membership so it totally depends on the user and their need. You can choose your preferences and make the most of it according to you. The zbigz premium account provides more benefit as compared to the zbigz free account membership.

Here is the difference: In zbigz premium account, the user can leech the torrent of any file at its maximum speed. However, it also depends on the internet speed of the user. On the contrary, zbigz free account comes with its own sets of limitations. It allows one to leech torrent of a very limited speed. The speed limits itself in the free account version.

This slightly clears the confusion between the two and helps you opt for the one you wish.

The answer to – Why Zbigz Premium Account!

We tend to have an affection when it comes to using free premium accounts. The premium account of zbigz is yet one of the best torrent leeching websites. So, like me, if you are an IDM downloader fan then go ahead with downloading your favorite torrent files without any trouble.

Here is a heads up – there is no direct way to access the premium account. If anyone is offering you an option to get zbigz premium account generator or zbigz premium account hack, that’s a total trap. They all are likely to be a scam and are totally fake.

Features of Zbigz premium account

  • This zbigz premium account turns the tables around. It provides the users with unlimited speed to download any sort torrent files.
  • There are no size limit barriers. You can download as well as leech as per your taste and for as long as you prefer.
  • This zbigz premium account comes with full caching speed which is absolutely perfect.
  • There are no ads that come up with zbigz premium account username and password.
  • The user can also stream any video or music directly with the help of zbigz premium account.
  • The option to store any number of files or unlimited files.
  • With the resume supported feature, the user gets the freedom to pause, stop and resume later.
  • The speed is totally proportional to your ISP. The more it is, the better it gets.
  • Bid adieu to download errors for always.
  • You don’t really have to wait a lot with these open-ended options.
  • Directly convert Torrent to direct download link.
  • It can also directly convert torrent to IDM download link.

How to download torrent with zbigz premium

This becomes really hectic for the people who are using zbigz premium account free. So, for the same, we are here. All you need to do is login into your system and go ahead with the following steps.

  • Start off with getting yourself the .torrent file that you want to download with zbigz.
  • Next, look for “browse torrent button” and then upload your link.
  • You can also copy the direct magnet link of the torrent and paste the same in the given field. Click on OK to proceed.
  • Give it some time to speed up the caching process.
  • Now, you have all the authority to directly download the folders and files from the zbigz account. You can either use IDM or opt for other download managers that suits you the best.

Benefits of zbigz premium account?

  • The user will never face a problem such as striking or crashing error whenever they are accessing the premium account.
  • Uploading speed is also very high
  • Downloading speed is high and the user can download any number of files.

How to get access to the zbigz premium account?

There are many ways to access zbigz premium account such as by logging in with zbigz premium account username and password or by using zbigz premium account cookies. One can also opt for alternatives as per their requirement for which one will need zbigz premium account generator activation key.

  1. First and foremost. the user should always remember their username and password so that they can log-in easily.
  2. Open Google Chrome or any of your favorite browser. Open zbigz.com to go ahead with the process.
  3. Now, click on the button saying login and enter username and password of the zbigz premium account.
  4. There you go! You have now successfully got yourself the free zbigz premium account. Go ahead and use your magnet link to download your torrent file or you can even upload your torrent file.
  5. Now, with the help of torrent leeching services, it can directly convert torrent into direct download link. The better the health of your torrent link, the lesser time it needs.
  6. Finally, the torrent will be available for the user to download anything and anytime.

In case you don’t have zbigz free premium account username and password, you can still enjoy torrent facilities. Make sure to enjoy all the premium features of your free zbigz premium account.

Using premium cookie:

This is also the way to login or to use the Zbigz premium account. These are available all over the internet. Now in the following steps, you will get to know how can we use these cookies to get a free zbigz premium account-

  1. Firstly, the user needs to add the extension ‘edit this cookie’ in their web browser so they get the benefit of this cookie and can easily access to the zbigz premium account.
  2. Now search some premium cookies on the internet for this zbigz premium account.
  3. Next, the user can copy all the premium copies which are displaying on the screen of the user to get free access to the zbigz premium account.
  4. Now, go the new tab and go to the login page of the zbigz premium account page and their paste the copied cookies.
  5. Lastly. refresh the page and you will see all the functions and options of the premium of the zbigz account.

How to use Zbigz on iPhone:

Firstly, caching of the torrent files is done which take a few minutes to cache. After this is done user will see an option to download a Zip file. Then tap on the Zip icon and then the users file downloading will start.

How to use Zbigz on PC:

The user can directly download the torrent with the IDM using Zibgz premium account having username and password.

How to use Zibgz on android:

As we know there are two methods to download one is free and other is paid (premium user). Firstly the user needs to download the torrent file and copy the link and then paste it into the given field and then click on the torrent file that the user wants to download and then click on the go button.

How to download Torrent with Zbigz Premium:

  1. Firstly, the user needs to download a torrent file which he/she wants to download with the Zbigz.
  2. Then, click on the torrent button and upload it.
  3. Then select the link and copy and then paste it in the given field and then click ok.
  4. Now, wait for a few minutes till the caching is not done.
  5. At last the user will be able to download the torrent files from zbigz premium account directly using IDM.

Rules and Regulations for using zbigz premium account:

    Don’t delete the files that the user had already installed in their system or which are already present in their account.

    It is said once you have set your password then you should not change the password again. So, basically, it is not allowed to modify anything in your account.

    The user should not share any personal information on the internet like username and password as this is especially for geek shared visitors whereas the user can share the URL of their page.

    Once the user is done with leaching then the user should e=remove the file so that account does not look bulky and this will also allow other users to use this zbigz premium account very easily.

Any person or user who violate the above rules than their IP is banned and they are not able to access their account for their further use.

Opt to other Alternatives

Are you someone who is always hyped up for better and faster torrent caching and downloading? Well, then, you are in the perfect place. Zbigz premium is already one of the best websites that offers the privilege to cache torrent. Additionally, it has now come up with its very own google chrome extension.

Gone are the days when we used to rely on zbigz premium account 2017 and zbigz premium account 2015, the rise has been huge ever since. You can use this option as many times as you want. However, there are several zbigz alternatives available which you can go for.

Protect from unwanted risks:

Usually when the user downloads some files from the internet than some unwanted spyware and malware installed in their systems which do not only affects their computer but they also steal their personal information.

So, this Zbigz premium account provides us with this benefit where the user can download any file from the internet directly, easily and fastly.

Malware risks:

Today, downloading files directly from the internet have many risks especially when the user is on personal to personal (P2P) network. And we all know that most of the malware spreads in the users system when they download files from torrent itself. Therefore, in  here Zbigz account is safe to use.

Lega issues:

This is the issue which is spread in the user system when the user share heavy data through personal to personal (P2P) network. uTorrent also expose the user Ip address that’s why it is required to use some safe accounts like zbigz premium account.

Security risks:

The user needs not to share their personal information like username and password with anyone but uTorrent always creates a folder which is open to all so anyone can access to their account whenever they want.


At last, I would like to say that it is the best online premium account and site which gives freedom to the user to download anything easily at high speed. And it is better to buy the zbigz premium account as this will not allow installing some spyware and malware in the user system. You will see many sites will provide free zbigz premium account cookie generator and zbigz premium account hack.

At  ablogher.com you will get the best options to get hold of free zbigz premium account. On the wrapping note, there is one thing that I would like to mention to everyone who is using the services. Never opt for changing the password or username of the premium account you are using. If you, unlike others are using free zbigz premium account username and password, then use it unlimited times. But don’t change or modify anything as it may cause serious trouble for others.

That was all the details on free zbigz premium account that you had been looking for! Hope you got your concepts clear. So, make the most of it. Also, if you have any additional information, make sure to pin it down in the comment section below.x

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